We give you the tools to get your project entitled.



Predevelopment SaaS for Real Estate Entitlements

Unlock a property’s building potential, map the city process, and save project-relevant city codes so you can make faster, more informed go/no-go decisions.

Site Feasibility


Allowable Use


Adjacent Parcels

Existing Conditions

Land Use Analysis

Rule-based standards




Preliminary Due Diligence

Legislative Actions

Discretionary Actions

Administrative Actions

Applicability Thresholds

Process, Submittals, Forms

Relevant City Codes

Auto-Saved Municipal Codes

Search Codes

Add/Delete Codes

Process Flows

Gantt Charts

Concurrent Vs. Consecutive Processing

City Benchmarks

Median & Average Timeframes

Click to Zoom
Portfolio Management

Summary Dashboards

Consolidated Reports

Multiple Projects

3rd Party Import/Export

Currently serving Pasadena, CA

We’ll be covering more cities in the coming months.

Current coverage

More cities coming soon!

Don’t see a key city in the pipeline?
Shoot us an email at hello@codacompliance.com

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  • Boundaries and Adjacent Parcels
  • Site Feasibility
  • Allowable Use
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Code Analysis
  • Preliminary Due Diligence
  • Project Dashboard
  • Site Elevation
  • Export to AutoDesk

A bit about us

Coda Compliance® is a digital information service and analytics provider for the Real Estate Market. Founded in 2017 to make city approvals less risky, faster and more affordable with on-demand predevelopment services.

Whether you’re an owner, project manager or architect, Coda Compliance® can help you research, analyze and expedite the entitlement phase of your project.


Reliable, Local Processes and Codes
(digitized and audited by planners and architects)


A Smart Rule Check Engine in the Cloud
(captured and reviewed by planners and architects)


Central Authoritative Source
(developed and managed by data, analytic, and web experts)

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